What to wear: Comfortable clothing that you can easily move in.  It’s best to avoid zippers and buttons for your comfort.

Cancellations:  Sessions must cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your appointment or you will be charged for the session.  Exceptions will be made for illness.

Weather We follow the CISD weather cancellations.

How long will my session be:  Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

How can beginners get the most benefit from Pilates:  Be consistent, especially at the beginning.  It’s always challenging to start something new, so try it for a few sessions, and really focus while you’re in the studio.

When will I see results:  You will feel the results before you see them! How long it takes to see the results depends on your physical fitness before Pilates, if you have injuries or pain, and if you participate in any other physical activity outside of your Pilates session.

Can anyone really do Pilates:  YES!!  Pilates really is wonderful for every age and every stage.  It can help with pain from bursitis and arthritis, with back and hip pain caused by sitting and driving for long hours, it can help athletes be more effective at their sports and can help all of us to move better as we go about our daily lives!  It truly is exercise that everyone can do!