Maureen headshot

Maureen Spillane grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and established a career with Aetna Life and Casualty. After living in San Diego for a number of years, she moved to The Woodlands, Texas in 1999 with her husband and their two daughters.

While searching for a Pilates instructor for her daughter, Maureen found Melanie Nasser and centerAlign Pilates. After seeing the progress that her daughter was making, Maureen decided to take up Pilates as well, and discovered a new passion!

Maureen studied with Melanie’s teacher, Dolly Kelepecz of DK Body Balancing and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and became certified in 2014.  Through DK Body Balancing, she is certified in levels 1, 2 and 3 for Pilates mat and equipment, and holds an additional certification as a Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercises for Neurological Conditions from the NeuroRehab Movement.  This training has helped her to understand neurological disease and the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehabilitation and neuroplasticity in exercise.  Her focus includes the Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and stroke disease processes, as well as issues common to many neurological issues, including balance difficulties, weakness, muscles spasticity and rigidity, and gait abnormalities.  Her techniques use Pilates based exercises to help with single-sided weakness, remedies for ineffective compensations that result from neurological issues, techniques to help the brain and the spinal cord to work around existing damage, and tools to work with people of every age to help correct muscle imbalances.  She is also a certified Yamuna Foot Fitness practitioner.

While she happily helps people of all ages strengthen their core and improve their alignment, she has found a special place in her heart for helping people who are a bit older and are struggling with issues in backs, hips, knees, feet and with their balance. Maureen’s goal is to help clients move correctly, improve their posture, lessen their pain and have them incorporate mindful movements into their lives every day.

When Maureen is not focused on Pilates, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their daughters, traveling (especially to the ocean!), music, good friends, and her house full of pets!